Saturday, March 4, 2017

SF Zoo: The Mega Catchup Part 1

I have almost nine months' worth of San Francisco Zoo drawings that I never got around to posting here. I think I'd better break this up into a couple of installments...

June 16, 2016: I'd been pretty busy with my teaching courseload and a big pile of freelance work, but there was a baby anteater to admire!

July 29, 2016: For Global Tiger Day I learned how to tell tigers apart, said hello to Boone the rhino, and checked in on the anteater family.

July 30, 2016: March of the Penguins! Two chicks returned from Fish School to rejoin the penguin commune, and people lined up eagerly along the parade route for photo ops.

I chatted with a couple of very knowledgeable volunteers about the fine points of penguin anatomy, and there was a penguin-suited mascot to entertain the kids.

Inti the bobcat gave me a good drawing availability, and I witnessed the new spectacle of a peccary mudbath.


According to keeper Sandy Huang, Leanne the tiger is the loveliest animal in the world, but Kachina is the most adorable.

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