Tuesday, May 6, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 04/09/2014

And here I am taking advantage of the monthly free day for SF residents to do some drawing around the San Francisco Zoo.

The daily grizzly feeding creates some serious stroller gridlock. We checked back later in the day and found one of the bears doing yoga (not pictured).

The peccaries are as adorable as ever, and there are some new babies! Sadly, my weak eyes can't capture them as well as a camera lens.

Rhinos! Toucans!

It was a cold, cloudy day, and a lot of my favorite animals were napping.

Ditto for the tigers. Jillian was pressed right up against the glass, about 12 inches from me and my sketchbook.

From the critter show and tell at the Animal Resource Center. Mohave the tortoise is 70 years old!

Julie challenged me to paint the splendid turkey. Like all the zoo's turkeys, he's named after a Food Network host.

True fact: A big old ball provides hours of entertainment for your hippopotamus.

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