Saturday, May 17, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 05/07/2013

Another round of sketches from the San Francisco Zoo, which just introduced a red panda named Tenzing. I was there for the press event where the name was announced, and judging from the size of the media presence, this was clearly the only news story in San Francisco that day!

First order of business was the media event introducing the new red panda. He was a little shy - maybe it was all the cameras.

And here's Tenzing, named after the famous sherpa who scaled Mount Everest alongside Edmund Hillary.

The fabulous treehouse created by Pete Nelson of "Treehouse Masters."

The ground hornbills are magnificent. I should try drawing more of the birds...

The grizzlies are so lively, it's hard to get a full pose, but I think I'm getting closer.

The obligatory peccary update.

My first time drawing the penguins. Visually, they're pretty simple little critters, so I spent some time on the environment.

From the daily show and tell at the Animal Resource Center. What a cute possum!

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