Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Superhero Costume Workshop 05/05/2014

From the traditional end-of-semester workshop hosted by the AAU Comic Book Club. We had some video game and anime characters in the mix this time, which I think is great even if I don't recognize them all!

Whitney as Catwoman.

Not sure if Catwoman really carries a mace, but if she does, surely it must have a kitty face on it.

Kids, this is why we don't wipe our brushes on our sketchbook pages - you might need that space later.

Chie from Persona 4, apparently. I don't really know my videogame characters!

Elektra, of course. Since the costume's based on a leotard, it keeps reminding me of Kate Bush, who would make a very strange ninja assassin.

Apparently not Goku - it's Guy from Final Fight and Street Fighter, but the blue undershirt made me think of Dragon Ball instead.

More Cat-bondage. You're welcome!

A Megaman homage. Since I don't know what Megaman's costume looks like, you get a blue biker with a ray gun instead.

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