Saturday, May 31, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 05/23/2014

Back to the San Francisco Zoo for the opening of the Washed Ashore exhibit, plus another new animal arrival!

Washed Ashore is a collection of ocean-themed acoustic sculptures made from washed-up debris. (See for more info.) A couple of musicians were on hand to demonstrate the fine art of banging on the sculptures.

Whale bones, tube worms, and musical starfish made from recycled beach debris. I've painstakingly documented the corresponding sounds.

Jellyfish, seaweed, and colorful fish that rattle like rainsticks when you spin them.

And now, random animals. Here's a fine cassowary.

I think the langurs are planning something.

Foraging with the mandrills.

Assorted giraffes and sleepy zebras.

A single corner of the Lion House now houses a toucan, an anaconda, and a highly adorable two-toed sloth. The sloth can climb up its tree and hang from the ceiling when it feels like people-watching.

Finishing up the day at the Animal Resource Center. Lots of snakes and reptiles today!

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